Experienced leadership... building successful
life sciences companies

Maravai LifeSciences was formed in March 2014 as a partnership among Carl Hull and Eric Tardif -- proven leaders in the life sciences industry -- and GTCR, a leading private equity firm.  Maravai’s mission is to build a transformative life sciences products company by acquiring outstanding businesses and accelerating their growth. We do this through direct cash investments in their existing operations, by acquiring complementary businesses or product lines and by contributing our proven operating expertise.

Since our founding, we have acquired three companies, each a leader in its market segment.  For 40 years, Vector Laboratories has led the market for labeling and detection products used by researchers in immunohistochemistry and adjacent segments.  TriLink Biotechnologies focuses on manufacturing highly modified nucleic acid products used in life sciences research and as OEM components for research and diagnostic products.  And Cygnus Technologies is a leading provider of assays used by biologic therapeutics companies to detect contaminants in the manufacturing process.

We continue to execute our acquisition strategy.

We are seeking to acquire established, high-quality businesses with the following characteristics:

  • operations focused primarily in the life sciences research and in vitro diagnostics products markets;
  • leadership positions in their principal operating segments driven by proprietary products; and,
  • clear revenue growth opportunities along with positive operating earnings and cash flows.