Maravai has completed three acquisitions to date.  

Vector Laboratories, a leading provider of immunohistochemistry reagents served as the initial platform investment and foundation for Maravai's strategy of building a leading company focused on specialty research reagents.  TriLink Biotechnologies followed, adding highly differentiated nucleic acid products.  Cygnus expanded our portfolio, adding a leader in bioprocessing.  Further acquisitions are expected to expand our reagents and bioprocessing capabilities.

  • Vector is the leading developer and manufacturer of labeling and detection reagents used by researchers in immunohistochemistry
  • The company has a portfolio of over 600 products used in a broad range of research fields, including cancer, neurobiology, infectious diseases and diabetes
  • Vector's products have been cited in over 70,000 publications since 2010
  • The company has been a highly regarded name in the research community since its inception in 1976
  • Vector maintains its primary offices and manufacturing facility in Burlingame, California
  • TriLink is the leading provider of highly modified nucleic acids used by researchers and OEM partners in the fields of cellular and molecular biology
  • The company was founded in 1996 with the goal of addressing the growing need for modified nucleic acids
  • TriLink's reputation for quality and for assisting its customers in solving complex chemistry needs is unsurpassed
  • The company's ISO certified facility is located in San Diego, California
  • Cygnus is the world leader in providing products for detecting host cell proteins (HCPs), contaminants that must be screened and detected during biologics process development and quality control
  • The company develops and manufactures a broad menu of assay kits and immunoassay reagents for the detection of HCPs
  • Cygnus's products are used by a large number of leading biotech and pharma customers around the globe
  • The company introduced its first products in 1998 and has continually grown its reputation for unsurpassed quality since that time
  • Cygnus is based in Southport, North Carolina