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  • September, 2023
  • Maravai LifeSciences
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Success and failure are part of innovation. Fall seven times, get up eight. But for those in life sciences, innovation is more than just trial and error. It’s a complex process of research and development that leads us to life-changing vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics. And success is more critical than ever.

Today’s pharmaceutical is more complex, with growing and different regulatory requirements globally. It’s more uncertain – and even more exciting – given the emergence of breakthrough medical technologies, from mRNA to biologics to personalized medicines. It’s also more fiercely competitive, with new biotech disruptors entering the market, as well as many of the industry’s blockbuster patents expiring this decade. So, it’s no wonder that 91% of life sciences organizations tell Deloitte they plan to invest more in R&D innovation this year.

The noblest cause in science is to dedicate your life to trying to develop new, life-changing medicines that can make a significant positive impact on people’s lives.”

Kate Broderick, PhD
Chief Innovation Officer, Maravai LifeSciences

Yet, the industry faces several challenges that inhibit innovation, such as recovering from pandemic-induced supply chain crunches, overcoming talent shortages, and finding expertise in emerging applications, and the exponentially rising costs of bringing new products to market. In fact, IBM reports that the cost of active pharmaceutical ingredients alone has increased by up to 70% in the past five years.

Overcoming these barriers and bringing novel innovations to market demands standard-setting tools and technologies, highly rigorous processes, and incredible will and determination. But even when you have all of that, sometimes it still isn’t enough.

Facing known and unknown obstacles at every turn, not to mention looming economic unrest, navigating the complexity of the life sciences landscape can be overwhelming for even the most experienced organizations. At the same time, growing life sciences companies typically struggle due to lack of infrastructure.

Given all of this, the difference between the success and failure of a novel innovation can be the right partner by your side to give you the spark of inspiration and support you need to keep moving forward.

A partner who enables the miracles of science

Maravai LifeSciences and its brands are the proven catalysts for helping deliver novel vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics to biotech, biopharma and life sciences companies across the globe. As a leading life sciences services and materials company, Maravai is helping strengthen these organizations’ capabilities in their pursuit of next-generation medicines.

No matter its size, any life sciences company will thrive with Maravai in their corner, especially given Maravai’s remarkable infrastructure and the perspectives its experts have gleaned from more than three decades on the cutting edge of life sciences. This solid foundation empowers pharma and biotech organizations with the resources needed to develop into the companies they’ve always envisioned.

A partner who’s innovating novel innovation

What truly sets Maravai apart, however, is its fresh approach to innovation.

“The difference between ideas and innovation is that you take an idea and you make it something tangible and pliable to solve a problem,” says Kate Broderick, PhD, Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) at Maravai. “We look to see what’s needed in the field, what our clients need for their customers’ needs, and try to predict what [they] need before they know they need it.”

Though it’s true that there are complicated layers to a rewarding partnership, Maravai boasts a winning combination of industry-leading products and services, relentless commitment to quality, agility and responsiveness, and development and manufacturing expertise to make all phases of development as frictionless as possible.

That means less time figuring out logistics, and more time spent ideating, collaborating, and innovating.

Anybody can find a better way. Anybody can come up with a good idea to improve our products or services. Maravai really wants to embrace that sense of creativity and inclusivity to ensure that every member of our team feels that they, if they have an idea, can share it.”

Kate Broderick, PhD
Chief Innovation Officer, Maravai LifeSciences

Another part of Maravai’s approach to innovation is simple: amplifying the science. That means letting scientists do what they do best, without the red tape and rigidity of typical large life sciences partners.

“We allow developers to generate, produce, and develop the best products that they possibly can by using our technology,” says Broderick. “We allow the developers to focus on their targets of interest, utilize our huge expanse of knowledge, and apply our technology to their project.”

A proven partner with the expertise to match

For more than 35 years, Maravai and its brands have been offering customers a platform for innovation. Maravai brands offer more than 1,500 products in our portfolio, including TriLink’s flagship product CleanCap®, our novel mRNA capping solution. In fact, our mRNA and CleanCap® products have been incorporated in more than 250 vaccine and therapeutic programs in development. And, 17 out of 17 approved cell and gene therapies rely on Maravai’s Cygnus testing solutions to assure their purity and safety.

Maravai’s approach to innovation empowers and encourages its partners to innovate in everything they do. From getting to first-in-human or first-in-market, whether powering personalized medicines or helping deliver revolutionary mRNA therapies, Maravai is with you at every step to overcome barriers and accelerate progress to your next breakthrough…just in time to answer, “What’s next?”