Meet the leaders responsible for guiding our long-term business strategy and success

Our eleven-member board, elected by our shareholders, is instrumental to the strategic oversight of our operations, including issues related to sustainability and ESG, as set forth in our Corporate Governance Guidelines. It comprises a diverse set of individuals with sophistication and experience in areas that are most relevant to our business and strategic direction. 

At the same time, we seek to have a board that is competent in key corporate disciplines, including finance, mergers and acquisitions, crisis management, corporate governance, leadership, risk management, social responsibility and strategy. 

We also believe our board has an effective mix of independent and management directors. It comprises six independent directors, our executive chairman, and four representatives from our majority shareholder, GTCR. All of the board’s committees are chaired by women who are independent from the company.


Carl Hull

Executive Chairman of the Board

Maravai Co-founder

Anat Ashkenazi

Anat Ashkenazi

CFO, Eli Lilly

Sean Cunningham

Sean Cunningham

Managing Director, GTCR

Ben Davermen

Benjamin Daverman

Managing Director, GTCR

John Deford

John DeFord, PhD

CEO, Samothrace

Susannah Gray

Susannah Gray

Former CFO, Royalty Pharma

Jessica Hopfield

Jessica Hopfield, PhD

Independent Director, multiple boards

Greg Lucier

Gregory T. Lucier

Executive Chairman, Corza Health

Luke Marker

Luke Marker

Managing Director, GTCR

Dean Mihas

Constantine Mihas


Murali Prahalad

Murali K. Prahalad, PhD

President and CEO, Iridia