The difference between an idea and innovation is follow-through

Creating the next great innovations in life sciences takes the best minds, the smartest tools and technologies, the most rigorous processes and the strongest wills. With the barriers so high and the need for innovation so urgent, the difference between success and failure can be the right partner to spark inspiration and keep moving projects forward. Maravai strives to be that ally.

For over 35 years, Maravai’s portfolio companies have served as a catalyst for innovative,
lifesaving technology for humanity. Pioneering nucleotide research since its inception, we are now leading the way in the rapidly expanding mRNA market.


Delivering innovation by every measure

How is Maravai realizing the future of medicine? Here are just a few of the countless breakthroughs and extraordinary accomplishments stemming from our brands’ innovations.

Scientist in the lab

1,500+ products

Maravai brands offer more than 1,500 products in our portfolio, including TriLink’s flagship product CleanCap®, our novel mRNA capping solution.

scientist taking notes

17 out of 17

17 out of 17 approved cell and gene therapies rely on Maravai’s Cygnus testing solutions to assure their purity and safety.

Man with lab bottles

250+ mRNA programs

Our mRNA and CleanCap® products have been incorporated in more than 250 vaccine and therapeutic programs in development.

pipette use

4+ billion vaccinations

Our proprietary CleanCap® technology was used in the world’s first FDA-approved mRNA vaccine, jointly developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. To date, nearly 4.3 billion of these vaccines have been shipped to 181 countries in every region of the world.

lab workers in the lab

9x pandemic response

We rapidly scaled production by a factor of nine in just six months to accelerate the vaccine’s development and support the pandemic response.

Lab scientist in safety gear

~2 billion lives

According to recent estimates, COVID-19 vaccines using Maravai technologies, such as
CleanCap®, helped our customers play a direct role in saving millions of lives..

MockV RVLP kit

1-2 days, not months

The revolutionary Cygnus MockV® RVLP Kit utilizes a non-infectious RVLP spiking agent, enabling companies to perform these viral clearance tests at their own laboratory bench, for a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time of a live study.


$39 million

U.S. Department of Defense will fund up to $39 million to expand our Nucleic Acid Production capabilities in San Diego – allowing four times scale-up ability so that we can enable future pandemic responses.


Introducing TriLink’s latest mRNA analog: CleanCap® M6

What excites me most about this novel analog from TriLink is its ability to make mRNA an even more powerful therapeutic than we have seen previously.”

Kate Broderick, PhD
Chief Innovation Officer