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At Maravai LifeSciences, we’re focused on sustainable growth

Environmental stewardship, social consciousness and effective governance have been intrinsic to our business strategy and core values since Maravai was founded in 2014. Along with the safety and quality of our products, we are proud of our ESG advancements to date and are working meticulously to increase transparency and build the infrastructure necessary to improve our results.

ESG is core to achieving our long-term objectives, which is why we have an executive leader dedicated to ESG, measure our environmental footprint and have implemented new processes to increase data collection and enhance transparent reporting.

At the same time, we empower all of our stakeholders by supporting their health and wellbeing, and embedding DEI best practices into our social policies, recruitment practices, training programs and community investments.

For 35+ years, Maravai’s portfolio companies have served as catalysts for innovative, lifesaving technology for humanity

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Community Impact

The Maravai LifeSciences Foundation

As a reflection of our commitment to being a strong corporate citizen, we launched the Maravai LifeSciences Foundation in 2021. The Foundation emphasizes advancing scientific education and innovation, promoting public health and equal access, and advocating for diversity and inclusion. In 2022, the Foundation made donations totaling $365,000 to partner organizations, with Maravai team members collectively donating nearly 400 hours of community service to 45 non-profit organizations.

Stem Education

Igniting curious minds and inspiring the next generation of life scientists

Maravai supports initiatives designed to spark an interest among K-12 students in both STEM and STEAM. We believe it’s incumbent upon us to develop students’ interests and skills in these important educational topics, and we do so through a variety of endeavors.


Like our science, our approach to environmental stewardship is
robust and rigorous

At Maravai, we believe we have a responsibility to protect the environment, and we are committed to meeting or exceeding all applicable environmental regulatory compliance requirements and continuously improving the sustainability of our operations. Our approach to environmental stewardship involves a combination of strategies.


We have enhanced disclosure by measuring and reporting our Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions, energy, waste and water use.


We are actively working to reduce energy consumption by incorporating sustainable technologies in our facilities, such as LED lighting, low flow fixtures and solar panels.


We are working to decrease emissions by using renewable energy from solar panels and providing electric vehicle charging stations, as well as bike lockers at our headquarters.


We have made investments to promote our enterprise-wide recycling program, refined our data-collection processes and added organic waste recycling.


Investing in an effective corporate governance program

Ribbon Cutting

Board composition

Maintaining a dedicated and diverse Board of Directors

We seek to have a board that is competent in key corporate disciplines, including finance, mergers and acquisitions, crisis management, corporate governance, leadership, risk management, social responsibility and strategy. Under our board’s committee structure, it is responsible for reviewing the size of the board and ensuring that diversity is considered in the identification and selection of new director candidates, including different genders, ethnicities, experience, skills and qualifications. Each of our board’s three committees is chaired by a woman, and two of our directors identify as ethnically diverse.

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Risk oversight

Proactively managing and mitigating risk across our enterprise

Risk management is an integral component of our strategy, culture and business operations, and our board’s oversight role and governance structures continuously evolve to support sustainable growth. While our full board has overall responsibility for risk oversight, it has delegated primary oversight of certain risks to the board committees. To better assess, monitor and mitigate those risks, Maravai has adopted a new committee structure in October 2022 to include Audit; Compensation and Leadership Development (CLD); and Nominating, Governance and Risk (NGR).


Business ethics

Maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy covers a range of topics, including conflicts of interest, anti-corruption and anti-bribery, political contributions, honest and ethical conduct and environmental protections. All directors, officers and employees are responsible for reviewing the code annually and certifying compliance. To ensure the highest degree of ethics and integrity from our top executives, our CEO, CFO, principal accounting officer, controller and other senior financial officers also sign a separate Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers.

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Data security

Protecting our company’s data vigilantly across every attack surface

Maravai is committed to providing comprehensive, business-driven data security that focuses on prevention, detection and mitigation of cybersecurity threats and incidents. We employ a multi-faceted approach to protecting our infrastructure, systems and data, which includes an executive-level Information Technology (IT) Steering Committee, a Vice President of IT, Director of IT and a separate Director of Information Security. We also employ a third-party information security solutions firm to monitor threat risks to our IT environment, as well as an outside incident-response company.


ESG leadership

Demonstrating real commitment to achieving ESG objectives

Maravai has created a new role dedicated to ESG, and the executive leadership team has initiated the process for developing the company’s first carbon footprint, and will form additional workgroups dedicated to specific, high-priority ESG objectives that align with our long-term strategy. The workgroups will be composed of cross-functional leaders throughout the enterprise and include quarterly reporting to management.

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