Supply chain

Scale, supply and sustainability delivered in full

At Maravai, we pride ourselves on our robust and agile supply chain strategy. With a relentless focus on quality, reliability, and efficiency, we ensure consistent access to our brands’ broad portfolios of products and services – and we respond quickly to support discovery and seamless scale-up for their customers.

Our commitment to sustainability drives our responsible sourcing practices, working to reduce environmental impact while delivering what our customers need, right when they need it. We prioritize supplier diversity, fostering a network of partners who share our values and contribute to our inclusive growth.

Through data-driven insights, robust review processes, and dedicated experts at every level of the organization, we optimize inventory management, minimize lead times, and rapidly respond to dynamic market demands. Without a superior supply chain, our extraordinary science and our customers’ everyday miracles simply wouldn’t be possible.

Supply Chain Management

We hold our supply chain partners to our own high standards

At Maravai, we are committed to a standard of excellence in every aspect of our business by operating with integrity, reducing our impact on the environment and respecting the human rights of all individuals. We expect our suppliers to share our commitments and comply with all laws and regulations applicable to their businesses.

Supplier assessment

How we evaluate our suppliers

All prospective suppliers are evaluated on a variety of qualifications, including personnel experience and training, production and process controls, inspection and testing of materials, corrective and preventative actions, product labeling and packing, and processes around batch records and complaints.

Analytical lab services

Quality assurance

Our ability to meet strict biopharmaceutical standards is foundational to the success of our business, so we strive to achieve the highest standards, from the way we operate our facilities to the products we develop. All our manufacturing sites are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and audited annually for compliance, and our TriLink brand facility meets the good manufacturing practice (GMP) requirements set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help protect the quality of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for clinical use. When applicable, we also ensure that our suppliers adhere to certified quality assurance programs, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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Resiliency and transparency

Our TriLink brand has partnered with a firm that employs proprietary software to monitor top-tier suppliers by mapping and receiving alerts for environmental risks in the supply chain. By continually monitoring for potential disruptions, TriLink is able to proactively address any potential constraints or delays in our supply chain.

Supplier Code


We expect our suppliers to conserve natural resources and energy, reduce waste and the use of hazardous substances, and minimize adverse impacts on the environment. High-risks suppliers are audited by a third-party once every three years, and we continue to incorporate environmental, social and governance factors into our quarterly reviews with major suppliers. In 2022, we developed a survey for our Critical Raw Materials suppliers to assess compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes additional questions relating to the environmental and diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Risk management

Proactively maintaining business continuity

We continually assess our Sales and Operations Plan to identify potential supply chain gaps that could impact business forecasts over the next two years. To avoid such gaps, we work to identify alternative and back-up suppliers. We also closely monitor additional factors, such as the physical location of suppliers’ facilities, to avoid disruptions that could be caused by weather or geopolitical issues.

Supplier Diversity

Diversity is intrinsic to our business and our supply chain

Maravai establishes partnerships with qualified suppliers who embrace our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. One of our procurement priorities is to partner with diverse and small suppliers, both to mitigate risks in our supply chain and to support organizations that play an essential role in contributing to innovation in our sector. To that end, we consider location, company size, and ownership structure in our procurement decisions.