Investor R&D Day 2023

Welcome to Investor R&D Day 2023

September 28, 2023

Agenda and webcast replay


Welcome and Opening Remarks

Deb Hart, Senior Director, Investor Relations

Customer’s First Choice: Leading Innovation

Kate Broderick, PhD, Chief Innovation Officer

Nucleic Acid Production

Overview and Products

Drew Burch, EVP Nucleic Acid Products


Chad Decker, EVP Enzymes

Nucleic Acid Services

Becky Buzzeo, Chief Commercial Officer

Biologics Safety Testing

Overview and Strategy

Christine Dolan, Chief Operating Officer, Biologics Safety Testing


Eric Bishop, VP of Research and Development, Cygnus Technologies

MockV: Deep Dive

David Cetlin, Senior Director R&D Cygnus Technologies

Financial Outlook

Next Generation: Investments and Financial Outlook

Kevin Herde, Chief Financial Officer


Deb Hart
Senior Director
Investor Relations

Trey Martin

Trey Martin
Chief Executive Officer

Kate Broderick, PhD

Kate Broderick, PhD
Chief Innovation Officer

Drew Burch

Drew Burch
EVP, Nucleic Acid Products

Becky Buzzeo

Becky Buzzeo
Chief Commercial Officer

christine dolan

Christine Dolan
Chief Operating Officer
Biologics Safety Testing

Eric Bishop
Vice President, R&D
Biologics Safety Testing

David Cetlin
Senior Director, R&D
Biologics Safety Testing

Kevin Herde
EVP, Chief Financial Officer

Innovation at Maravai

Supporting documents

CleanCap® M6 Analog

CleanCap® Reagent M6 for co-transcriptional capping of mRNA

CleanCap® Economics | White paper

The Economics of Synthetic mRNA Capping Strategies

Plasmid production services for mRNA manufacturing | Reference Guide

Seamlessly integrate phase-appropriate, high-quality plasmid DNA templates into the mRNA manufacturing process

Bioprocess International, Special Report | Host Cell Protein Analysis

Immunoassays and Orthogonal Characterization by Antibody Affinity Extraction and Mass Spectrometry Methods

Predicting Viral Clearance in Downstream Process Development

Application of a Novel Analytical Approach, David Cetlin

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